A Lesson Learned

Can't Get Right
by ABI November 12, 2010

    Everyone is all high on Matthew Marvin these days, in part because he's got some serious business smarts and a fast growing network. He's got attitude, he's got smarts, he's got drive, but he's not professional! If he wants to make it big he's also not permitted to bring any of that hooplah into his professional modeling career, as he continues to learn at modeling auditions. 
    Marvin sits down and, as is his style, flopped his cap on the top of his head. During this particular audition, a casting director asked Marvin to remove his cap. Matthew declined, saying that he wanted people to just accept him the way he is. A second casting director asked him again, and this time, Marvin complied. Score one for the real professionals trying to mold a young man into an international model.
    "Most of all I hate being told what I'm not capable of doing", says Marvin. "Aren't you sick of trying to be apart of a society that constantly wants to intervene on every move you make? I don't want to follow any path provided, I don't aim to make my parents happy. Matter of fact I don't aim on making anyone happy, any other than myself. Because your life is too damn short to waste on someone else's desires. I live for me, myself and I. Yes I'm selfish!
Before you rush into conclusions the only person that I'd let take decisions in my life is my significant other."
     "The problem is telling people what to do. How about instead of telling other people what to do, we listen to what they want, then we can help eachother achieve something. That “something” that is achieved may not be EXACTLY what WE wanted but it will be an achievement that everybody can take pride in. In this case noone wants to listen. Instead everyone wants to point fingers and judge?"
     "Right now I'm building a fan base that accepts me for me and understands my movement as well as the point I'm trying to make. My next step is to find an Agent who wants to listen to my ideas of welcoming change to the industry. I believe once I find the right agent and combine them with my fan base (pause) I think I will be unstoppable? Once I get to that point, in my mind, I will be in the big leagues."

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